Skipping ahead to Berlin

Well, honestly, Aix en Provence and Paris were fun, but Berlin has been awesome, even in the 28 hrs or so we have been here! We got here 3.5 hrs later than expected on our night train. We lucked out by getting a compartment all to ourselves on the night train for just 4 euro each and were even able to lay out and get some sleep. About an hour into our rest, we must have arrived into Germany and all of a sudden these scary military men barged into our compartment demanding our passports. After that bit of surprise, we fell back asleep and traveled on.

We arrived in Berlin around 1pm and got some great help from the ticket people to book our next train down to Munich (which happens to be tomorrow morning...i know, we never stay long in one place, but we have a lot on our agenda). We easily made our way to our City Stay Hostel near Alexanderplatz station. i highly recommend this place if you're heading to Berlin. It's affordable, clean and fun (bar and food downstairs and fun music playing as i type this) and a great location!

We are literally a mile from all the sights you can't miss in Berlin. After grabbing some real German food, checking out the local market, walking around a bit and looking for some Euro fashion in H&M (didn't find any), we made our way to some cabana chairs for happy hour drinks. Finally, had some dinner. The food selection here is cool because they do everything well here...italian, german, indian, asian, etc.

Today we went to top of the Reichstag, the German parliament building which looks over the whole city before heading on ANOTHER Fat Tire Bike Tour from 11-4pm. We did a night one in Paris, which was awesome. Our guide, Frances, was an attractive New Zealander, former history major with a great accent. He clearly knew his stuff and made the tour fun. Some of the main stops we made included: Checkpoint Charlie, what is left of the Berlin wall, the Jewish war memorial, Tiergarten park (about half the size of central park), a few old churches and museums and more. About half way through, just as it started pouring, we stopped at the beer garden for German sausages and beer. I tried the beer/sprite mixture that is popular here. Pretty good actually! The rain wasn't the most awesome, but i have to say our ponchos were sexy and the shower after the mud and rain was oh so fabulous.

Well, on to enjoy more of the city and grab some more beer and food! And if you get a chance some day, i highly recommend Berlin! Can't wait to catch up on all your blogs soon...


Amber said…
Omg, that post made me SO nostalgic! I haven't done much travelling but I did get to visit Germany and Berlin last summer and I'd have to say Berlin is one of the most amazing cities ever!

I was in awe of all the beautiful architecture there, we walked for HOURS the two days that we spent in Berlin and then got to drive around a bit more! I was amazed at the night life in that city, unfortunately I was with my younger brother and we were being shown around by an older family friend so I didn't get to participate in any of it!

I'm jealous you went to the top of the parliament building, we wanted to but there was a HUGE line-up the day we were there and we wanted to see more of the city rather than wait in line for a long time, so that was one site we missed!

Have SO much fun, can't wait to see pictures!!!
Shoshanah said…
Germany is one of the countries in Europe I've never been. I would like to go eventually, especially after hearing how enjoyable it was for you.

Is Germany it, or are you heading somewhere after? Can't wait to find out.
Sassy Molassy said…
We are now in Munich. Next we head to Lucerne and Geneva in Switzerland. then one last night in rome before we fly back to the states.
Maris said…
Sounds like an amazing trip!

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