I'm looking forward to the light at the end of the tunnel

I love running, I seriously do. But today as I lay on the physical therapy table getting a massage down the front of my right leg and foot and explaining to another therapist the pain, what i've been doing for it, my crosstraining routine, etc. I just thought "I'm really looking forward to this whole thing being over." Not really, but all the motions.

You train for a marathon, you run too hard, too many miles, don't have time to stretch properly, and eventually start to feel a twinge...somewhere. Low and behold you schedule doc, P.T. and massage appointments essentially just to patch the wounds and get you through the race (and maybe feel a bit better than you otherwise would). Said docs suggest "running less" and "cross training more." Um, yes, yes that would be a FABULOUS idea...IF I weren't preparing to run said marathon.

And as I sit at my desk feeling famished after 90 minutes without food, I feel like a crazy person. Just. trying. to. resist. that 1/2 Odwalla bar and applesauce I have waiting for my midafternoon snack. My back hurts. I really shouldn't be sitting all day. I can't wait until next week's massage. Must. get. applesauce. now. What is a runner to do?

I'm looking forward to a little normalcy. Perhaps I'll take a yoga class, or have a beer after work instead of hitting the gym or pavement, or go on a hike. After 26.2, the possibilities seem endless.


Amber said…
I'm only training for my first 1/2 marathon and am not nearly as hardcore as you. But I worry I don't stress enough... I never miss a run or cross training workout, but I do put off yoga when I have too much other stuff going on, which is lately.

Do you usually stress after your runs? Should I? How long do you/should you stretch for?
Anonymous said…
By the end of training I always feel a little burned out. The weird thing is, this is the longest "training" I've ever done (usually I start about 5-6 weeks pre-race) and I'm still goin strong! I think it's cause the race involves a weekend road trip to see my bff. ha, that helps.
buuut yah, I hear ya! And yoga+beer sounds like a pretty good night to me!
raulgonemobile said…
Yeah, I break down pretty easily it seems once I start adding the miles. Cross training, while it seems like a great idea, is never what I want to do..
Sassy Molassy said…
I don't usually stress after my runs because they're what keep me sane and relaxed. After races I am both stressed and relieved b/c you no longer have a huge goal to train for, but you have accomplished something great at the same time. Often times, I will sign up for another race immediately so I don't have to feel that let down. Keep up the good work on your training. I don't stretch enough. Prob about 5 min max but this week I need to do some more serious yoga. My bod is asking for it.
sunshine said…
Hope you're feeling better soon!

When I train, yoga and stretching (even if it's during my post-run shower) is a top priority. And, I'm known for standing at my desk periodically throughout the day. ;)

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