What it takes to get a passport...

in case you're interested.

1. Go to USPS.com
2. Fill out the passport form online (this will save you time at the post office)
3. Get your passport photo taken (I did mine at the local FexEx Kinkos for $12.95)
4. Find your birth certificate and be willing to give it up temporarily (soc. sec. card won't do)
5. Locate a post office near you that is a passport processing center (not all locations are. my city has just one passport post office).
6. Bring CASH or CHECK to pay for it (no credit cards, sucky i know)
7. Wait approx. three weeks for your passport to arrive. If it doesn't, start worrying and call.

A few things I did wrong...
1. went to the wrong post office
2. went to the post office without all my info (um, hello...when was my dad born? And what city was my mom born in?)
3. forgot my check book

But finally, after three trips to the post office, I have successfully turned in my application (and mailed off those damn Native sunglasses to get repaired/replaced). Now all I have to do is wait patiently...


J said…
I need to get my passport too! I am not looking forward to it!
Anonymous said…
Agh, I REALLY need to do that. I just put it off Everyyyy time I'm at home because I don't want to deal with it. not that I'll be traveling anywhere crazy in the near future.

you should start a countdown, it's umm...kind of soon! :)
amric1409 said…
Getting a passport can be so damn inconvenient sometimes. In Canada you can be left waiting up to 6 months for it to be done!

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