Friday, August 29, 2008

Reasons why today is a very good day:

1. It's Friday.

2. My eH account expires Sunday and I'm so freaking glad to be done with that.*

3. Football starts tomorrow, I have 40 yd line tickets and plans for tailgating with some great friends I haven't seen in a while.

4. The office is going to lunch at our local pizza place for "Football Friday"

5. A few of the runner girls and I are heading to Bend (beautiful, thriving mountain town) for a few days of scenery, entertainment and relaxation

* The truth is, I gave it a good shot. I've been on eHarmony since February and I simply don't have the time, energy or motivation to keep up with all the matches anymore. Plus, I've learned something about myself. I'm not good at choosing someone to even get to know when the first thing I see is their photo. I'm an ESFJ on the Meyers-Briggs, that last letter standing for Judging...I judge too quickly pretty much all the time. Sigh.

Plus, it's high time I met someone standing in line at Starbucks, picking out our veggies in the produce section or bumping into to him at the bar (not looking for bar fly, just someone who's sociable).

P.S. Do you notice how writing and reading posts with lists is much more entertaining than writing long paragraphs? I do.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just when you start to think one thing,

you realize you've probably got it all wrong.

Today, celebrations are in order. I received my first blogging award nomination from Hellooooooo Gorgeous!

It's funny because when I first heard of blogging awards I thought, "Cool...that person must have a ton of readers and how in the heck did they win that award??" I quickly realized that in this friendly blogosphere, we're allowed to nominate and bestow upon each other our own awards. The coveted awards however, are those given by the Blogger's Choice Awards with categories such as best humor blog, best food blog, etc. Someday, someday...

Anywho, just as I was reminding myself that I need to write what comes to me and not censor it because the reader might not enjoy it or it shows a weakness of mine, I get this beautiful surprise.

So on to following the rules (I guess this means you win the award if you follow the rules??).

1. Post the logo on el blogo.

2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.

3. Nominate at least seven other blogs.

4. Add links to those blogs on your blog.

5. Leave a message for your nominee on their blog.

Gracias Gorgeous! Even if we are writing these blogs for ourselves, it's always nice to know someone else is interested in listening.

And my nominations go to...

1. Magda because she's so honest, heartfelt and a great writer.

2. Kayla for her newly renovated blog that has some awesome work, office and interpersonal tips we could probably all brush up on now and again.

3. Heather who also shares my love for running and is impressively persistent with those posts.

4. Joy the baker because her food always looks so good that somehow I end up with all the ingredients to her most recent recipe in my shopping basket and it's all yummy from there. Take tonight for example...more to come on that.

5. Laura because somehow in the midst of running a marathon every weekend or so and a crazy busy job, she manages to post these in depth recaps of her races or her newest raw vegan diet that are pretty intriguing. Not saying I'm going raw vegan anytime soon, however...

6. Martini because even after someone ratted her very real, and oh so humorous blog out to her at the time sorta bf, she managed to erase it, get back up, be honest with the man and start a new blog that is almost equally hilarious.

7. Margarita because her persistence to become healthy for herself is overwhelmingly inspiring and impressive.

8. Chrissy because she's doing an awesome job as a single mama and proving to women that while sometimes we'd like to raise a kid with the father, it's not impossible to go it solo and be successful to boot.

9. And Hope, I don't care that you were already nominated. I double nominate you. Your blog is so real, well written and straight from the heart, it's like poetry. Thanks for sharing with us.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I remember when...

Last night it all came rushing back to me. The night when I let my guard down and just let things happen the way they should.

It was the summer, I was living with a few guy friends, taking a few classes and working part time. One of the guys just so happened to be one I had a mad crush on. After months of flirting, I came home late to an almost empty house after a relaxing visit with the grandparents. Almost empty except for me, him and a pack of St. Pauli Girl. I think I scared him because he'd been home alone for several days.

I still remember the way he used to laugh at me when I had to climb onto our kitchen counter to reach my food shelf (yes, I'm short and no the guys didn't change their food shelves just for the 5'3" girl). Alas, after months of awkwardness and avoidance it all just seemed to fall into place. We shared beers and an apple while chatting on the front step, slow danced to my favorite song (Elton John's Blue Jean Baby) which he had somehow remembered, he told me he liked my toenails and we cuddled.

It all was pretty perfect and harmless at the same time. As a dream always does, the sunlight changed things and we were suddenly two hungover roommates trying to avoid each other. Him missing his chem study session and me scrubbing off his Old Spice before escaping to work.

The trip down memory lane reminded me that I want that again. The feeling of giving up control and not stopping something because it scares you because sometimes what scares you is exactly what you need. I just don't know how to let it happen.

Liars...or maybe not so much

I don't believe Google Analytics. They're trying to tell me no one has visited this fabulous little blog since August 9, which I know is a sack of horse shiz because I have the comments to prove it. Anyway, I don't know what's up, but G.A., get your act together.

Ok, so maybe they're not liars. I was so hoping it was them when all along it was me. As promised, the G.A. support got back to me within 24hrs and helped me to fix the html tags I needed to include when I switched templates. Just when you think you're pretty proficient in the technology world, you realize there's that whole html/programming thing that you don't fully understand. Such is life.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Ready or not

I may not be all that prepared, but I'm running it anyway. I'm so sick of not training for or running any races that I just bit the bullet and registered for the Pints to Pasta 10k. I figure if I can run 5 miles without killing myself, in two weeks I should be golden for 6.2 miles. After all, you can't always be prepared for everything in life. It's not possible. Just don't expect me to set any PRs.

Plus, what's better than carbs, carbs and more carbs after you've run a whopping 6 miles? Carbs.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

music to my ears

Music makes me feel at peace. It's like comfort food. It's like a warm cuddly blanket and a hot cup of cocoa on a winter day. And live music, well that's pretty much heaven for this one. I'm a concert junkie. They're such an experience that you can't really exchange for anything else. The itunes album will never compare to the live performance. Wednesday night was much the same.

Jack Johnson's amazing voice and talent seduced me once again. Not only is he gorgeous (sorry ladies, he's married and with kid), but this guy is a good man who likes going barefoot on stage, surfs the waves in Hawaii and manages to still care about fundraising to save the trees and all. AKA famous, but still grounded. I separated from my friends and stood with the large crowd smashed against the security fence just to get a close up peak at his beautiful baby blues and oh was it worth it.

The strange thing about concerts is, that at the same time that I'm feeling so seduced by the experience, I find myself feeling more alone than ever. If you're single, you know what I'm talking about. Couples everywhere are holding hands, hugging, kissing, making gah gah faces at each other so much so that you want to barf. Concerts are the place where couples go to tell the world yep, we're together. Ok, maybe that 's not's probably just that once you're in a relationship you're more likely to go with your significant other than a group of friends, but us singles are taking note. And being single can make you feel like damn, I better get on the ball. That was probably why at one point in the evening my friend looked over and said, "you look mad." Nope, not mad, just thinking. Nights filled with couples and good music (many of which are some type of love song) get you thinking.

Then yesterday I decided to take a trip to the coast to do some hiking on a surprisingly warm day for the Oregon coast to which my mom replied "um, are you going with anyone?" No mom, I have no one to go with. "Ooookay." I'll be fine. I have a cell phone. After a good 5 mile uphill hike with views, I headed further up the coast to say a quick hello to the grandparents. And again came, "did you come with anyone?" No grams, I'm alone just like I am at every Thanksgiving and Christmas gathering. Just went hiking for the day. Great views...blah blah blah, insert verbiage so as to make it seem worth being here on my own.

I always think I'm fairly cool with being alone because I'm so used to my singledom, but I start to question it when everyone else does.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

What kind of idiot

leaves her house key on her running shoe and goes out to meet friends for dinner and drinks on a Friday night? This one. And, what kind of genius, finds herself falling asleep in the back seat of her car with the sleeping bag she keeps in her trunk during the summer? Yep, this one. Luckily, one of the roommates came to the rescue about 45 min later to unlock the door. Still, it's nice to know I would have still had a fairly cuddly sleep regardless.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A revolution of sorts

I had a revolutionary thought while listening to Bob Costas interview Michael Phelps and his mother tonight. Beyond absolutely flooring me with his ability to work toward and capture his dreams, his humble, caring nature is more than I expect from most twenty something men (If you know someone like him, this single girl is interested). I sit truly in awe listening to his every interview.

Phelps told Costas that he uses any bit of trash talking, comment about how he can't achieve something and even his childhood bullying to fuel his fire, which pushes him to race just that much harder. As an athlete of his caliber, I realize there's got to be something pushing you that extra fingertip's length, no matter what it is. However basic the idea is, I had an "aha moment" as Oprah would say.

As women, we tend to reach toward greatness hoping someone, anyone will notice, but never demanding it. But sitting there I thought, "Hello, duh...use the trash to fuel your fire." That's all. I'm not going to take criticism and nay sayers' comments to heart and internally struggle to overcome the blows any longer. Ultimately, I don't want other people deciding who I am and how successful I become. From now on, I decide.

PS-Who is getting a decent night's sleep? And how are we supposed to go to work when this little thing called the Olympics is going on?

Thursday, August 14, 2008

It's hotter than Haites

and I'm not sure I want to go back to work next week. After a week of vacation, a girl could get used to this whole life of leisure thing. I spent the last five days in the sticks relaxing at my grandparents' summer cabin where cell and internet service is spotty. It sure makes one appreciate the forced separation from stress, communication, work e-mails reminding me of deadlines I'm behind on, etc.

I arrived back in the big city to visit the newly college graduated bro last night in his new apartment near downtown Portland. It's just what I want, but I'm not sure the timing's right. Although really, when is the RIGHT time? He has an awesome view of the city and is in arm's reach of everything. This is all sounding so good in my vacation hangover state. Now he's off to work and I'm off to figure out how to survive the next few days of barely sub 100 degree heat. The lake is sounding pretty nice right about now...

Happy Friday!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Run Toto, Run!

Because I can't really run, I dream of running. Ok, I'm sort of hobbling, but that hardly counts as running. I don't consider myself back to "running" until I can run 45 min easy with no stopping and little huffing and puffing.

I hardly count alternating running 5 min with walking 5 min at a moderate pace on the treadmill, "running." Yeah, call me a running elitist, I don't care. That treadmill routine can be classified as wogging (walking and jogging combined), but NOT this gal anyway.

Last night I hobbled a whole 4 miles in 90+ deg heat and what felt like 90% humidity with my friend C. Luckily, she didn't mind stopping and walking a few minutes twice during the run. Crazy what two months of not running can do to you. I'm still "in shape," but not running shape. I was gasping for breath, forcing each foot to take the next step and sweating buckets.

Anyway, back to dreaming...Laura at Absolut(ly) Fit reminds me of what I used to be like (a whole three months ago), just looking for my next crazy race and an excuse to travel to a new city. So, I've started to dream up my next race, when I'm actually able to run 10+ miles with no physical ailments.

On the radar are...

Country Music 1/2 Marathon-Nashville, TN (The full just sounds crazy right now. Plus, I want to be feeling good enough to get my dance on at the honky tonks after the race. And, I've run it twice and it is pretty much fabulous)

Something, anything in Napa (gorgeous area w/ free wine and cheese afterward...sign me up)

A trail run (something a little intense with dirt trails, but not Dean Karnazes intense. My friend is doing Ole's Assault, but I prefer to stay on my feet, thanks. No crawling through mud on my stomach.)

Las Vegas (because I need another excuse to go to Viva)

And PS, who is not totally excited that the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony is tomorrow night?! Not gonna lie, my girlfriends and I have a hot date with some pizza and wine in front of the tv. This girl gets a bit teary during the ceremonies and can't miss the action. Someday, I'll be there in person...and that's no joke.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My 1995 Sweet Ride

So last night I was reading Brian Sims' Brass Magazine about money management for young people. It's a great, innovative magazine and media company created by the local entrepreneur. In one of the articles, Sims mentioned his 1992 Pontiac and the fact that sure he's driving an older car, but he owns the lot and the building he parks at every day for work. Besides, he could buy a new car, but those things lose value the second you drive them off the lot and really, it's all about making your money work for you. Is that money better spent on a new car or on a mortgage payment, investments, etc?

Reading stories like this reassure me that driving around my goldish, 1995 Toyota Corolla is still a wise decision. After all, I don't make car payments and the beauty gets 28-35 miles per gallon so I really can't complain too much. It may not be the sweet ride I'd like to be rolling around town in and giving my friends a lift in, but really, it does the job.

And then this happens... I wake up this morning to find my driver's side window shattered and a stolen GPS unit (which was hidden under the seat) from my vehicle. For whatever reason, I feel like the universe was trying to tell me something as I rarely think much about my car other than deciding when I should wash or fuel it. I thought I was fairly immune to this sort of crime. My roommates and I live in a fairly safe neighborhood in a college town of 150,000+ with street lights and all.

Lucky for me, I'm fairly patient and don't find much reason for getting upset over something I couldn't really have prevented. But I can't help but wonder if I did have a modern car, would they have gone to the trouble of breaking in, knowing the vehicle could have an alarm system in it? Anyway, I still claim that driving my 1995 Corolla is a wise decision. I hope the idiot gets some much-needed grocery/diaper/drug money out of the Garmin while I get lost on my next road trip.