Last Night

I was watching Diary of a Mad Black Woman, circa 2005, thanks to Comcast On Demand (which I have recently discovered it's fabulousness, by the way). Do you know what I'm talking about? This weekend while hanging out with the fam, my mom discovered the fitness section where you can watch all kinds of workout videos. There's everything from Carmen Electra's Striptease to SuperSculpt Abs to Jillian Michaels Biggest Loser workouts. So, what did I do? After my two hour sweat fest on Saturday at the parents' gym (lunges with a 30lb bar included), I decided to do FOUR of the On Demand workouts. Yeah, let's just say it's Monday and my butt and hamstrings are still sore.

Anyway, one of the other great pieces of On Demand is the free movies, hence the Diary of a Mad Black Woman. And in the current state of our economy, it can really save the pocketbook from those lazy Sunday afternoons at the movie theater watching some random movie for $8.50. So last night I flipped through On Demand's free movies and chose one that sounded mildly entertaining.

On of my major weaknesses are "sappy crappy" movies as I put it. My close friends know all too well, often saying "oh yeah, that one's right up your alley" when referring to my recent chick flick. I guess when you don't have love in your life, but you'd love to find it, romantic comedies are the next best thing. So, what are some of my favs? Ten Things I Hate About You, Love Actually, Save the Last Dance, Grumpy Old Men and Love & Basketball. When I heard this quote from Orlando (Shemar Moore-previously on Young & the Restless), my heart skipped a beat. Gotta love chick flicks for always having men say the right thing at just the right moment, especially when that girl he's talking about could be you.

"It's so easy to say no sometimes out of fear, so how about taking the hard road and just saying yes this one time? What's so wrong about being right? 'Nothing I guess.' Yeah, nothing. So, I'll see you tomorrow? 'So you're asking me out again?' This wasn't a date, remember."

So, what's the point of all this? I loved it, every second, every time he said exactly what I hope a man will someday say to me. But honestly, I get it. I get that although he's just a character who was fed a line, the words are so true and based on fact and someone's real experience. The longer we keep saying no to the things we're afraid of, the harder it's going to be to one day say yes. The harder it's going to be to make up for so many no's, so many years of missed opportunities.


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