Carpe diem

This just seemed to fit with my current train of thought about life. Don't give up on something you love to do. Event if it seems impossible or crazy, if it's what you were meant to do, it's worth the struggle.

I saw Josh Cox roaming around the media tent and the fan festival during the Olympic Trials this summer interviewing fans and athletes for Runner's World. Upon seeing the guy, I never would have guessed he could write something so heartfelt. First impressions and a good head of perfectly dyed hair aren't always everything they seem.

My favorite part of the blog post: "Anyway … The Time of Testing. We all have it, where the rubber meets the road, where our life has to back up our rhetoric." Yep, this is the time of testing. No more waiting to live the life you want to live. Go ahead, do it now.


J said…
That was really a good read. Thanks for posting the link!

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