Getting back in the groove

So, the great thing is that the bod is healing up and I'm actually to the point where I can run for 5 miles straight without stopping. Just a few weeks ago this wasn't a possibility. Saturday I hit the road for a 7 miler, where I did my usual loop (walking for the first 15 min or so) and added on the football stadium extra loop to make it a total of 8.5 miles.

One of my favorite things to do during football season on game day is to run this extra long route to watch the tailgaters prep for the hours of drinking ahead. As much as I enjoy tailgating and a crisp afternoon in the stadium, I almost prefer running past them and watching them fire up the grill and toss back Bud Lights than be the one tossing them back. I guess I just don't have the right tailgating crew here and maybe just maybe I've turned into a grandma, but for now that's ok. The people I hang out with run. Tailgating is like a foreign language to them.

Then Sunday I went out for a rainy 5er (Thanks Fall, I got the message loud and clear. You're here to stay.) and today my friend C and I finished another 7. Ah, it feels good to be back.

I'm starting to get to that itch to sign up for a long race. Our friend K is running the Portland Marathon in a few weeks the girls and I are excited to be heading there with her, stay in a hotel, go out to dinner and cheer her on (while she runs the grueling 26.2 and we happily stand course side with Starbucks in hand). Originally, I had planned to run this marathon too, but after the knee dysfunctionality following the Vermont City Marathon, I figured I needed to take a wee bit of a break and I think know I made the right decision.


Anonymous said…
I'm glad that running is going well now. It's really nice that you are going to support your friend in the marathon. I bet that means a lot to her.
J said…
So glad you are getting back into running! Sounds like a fun time watching your friend race - although racing is fun sometimes its good to watch and cheer people on!
Anonymous said…
I'm constantly crossing my fingers that my knees don't completely give up on me one day. it might happen, but I realyyyy hope not.
glad you're back in the game :) !!
Laura said…
Glad you're doing better! I'm starting to consider Portland - will let you know if it happens so we can meet up :)

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