What kind of idiot

leaves her house key on her running shoe and goes out to meet friends for dinner and drinks on a Friday night? This one. And, what kind of genius, finds herself falling asleep in the back seat of her car with the sleeping bag she keeps in her trunk during the summer? Yep, this one. Luckily, one of the roommates came to the rescue about 45 min later to unlock the door. Still, it's nice to know I would have still had a fairly cuddly sleep regardless.


Laura said…
Awww... glad you eventually got in!
heatherdc said…
haha oh wow, what a night. I hate when I forget that I put my key somewhere else for whatever reason. I should probably keep a sleeping bag in my car for the same reason. Smart girl ;)
At least you had a reason for locking yourself out. I've put my keys on the coffee table, walked out the door (which locks automatically) and realized that I'm an idiot. Oh and I went to the gym yesterday with two left shoes (my old and new running shoes). But I am glad you at least had a sleeping bag :)

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