Run Toto, Run!

Because I can't really run, I dream of running. Ok, I'm sort of hobbling, but that hardly counts as running. I don't consider myself back to "running" until I can run 45 min easy with no stopping and little huffing and puffing.

I hardly count alternating running 5 min with walking 5 min at a moderate pace on the treadmill, "running." Yeah, call me a running elitist, I don't care. That treadmill routine can be classified as wogging (walking and jogging combined), but NOT this gal anyway.

Last night I hobbled a whole 4 miles in 90+ deg heat and what felt like 90% humidity with my friend C. Luckily, she didn't mind stopping and walking a few minutes twice during the run. Crazy what two months of not running can do to you. I'm still "in shape," but not running shape. I was gasping for breath, forcing each foot to take the next step and sweating buckets.

Anyway, back to dreaming...Laura at Absolut(ly) Fit reminds me of what I used to be like (a whole three months ago), just looking for my next crazy race and an excuse to travel to a new city. So, I've started to dream up my next race, when I'm actually able to run 10+ miles with no physical ailments.

On the radar are...

Country Music 1/2 Marathon-Nashville, TN (The full just sounds crazy right now. Plus, I want to be feeling good enough to get my dance on at the honky tonks after the race. And, I've run it twice and it is pretty much fabulous)

Something, anything in Napa (gorgeous area w/ free wine and cheese afterward...sign me up)

A trail run (something a little intense with dirt trails, but not Dean Karnazes intense. My friend is doing Ole's Assault, but I prefer to stay on my feet, thanks. No crawling through mud on my stomach.)

Las Vegas (because I need another excuse to go to Viva)

And PS, who is not totally excited that the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony is tomorrow night?! Not gonna lie, my girlfriends and I have a hot date with some pizza and wine in front of the tv. This girl gets a bit teary during the ceremonies and can't miss the action. Someday, I'll be there in person...and that's no joke.


Rachel said…
I'm hoping to run the Country Music Half-Marathon next year. I'm nervous, because I haven't run my first yet, but I will be in October. Maybe I'll see you there...
Sassy Molassy said…
You're SO going to love it. I've stayed at the Embassy Suites-Vanderbilt and love it. They have a manager's happy hour from 5-7pm w/ free cocktails and snacks and a great continental breakfast. If you haven't been to Nashville, I highly recommend visiting the Opryland Resort...such a beautiful place.
Anonymous said…
I want to run the Country Music one soooo bad!! When I'm finally out of 'school' and can actually ask for time off, that is next on my list. The idea of dancing and hearing live country music after a race just sounds aaawesome! Sounds like you're doing well with the recovery, you'll get there soon :)
Laura said…
I'm doing the CMM in 2009! Very excited - I always listen to country when I run so this will be a nice opportunity to hear it LIVE instead of on my iPod.

Also, as for the Napa one - you may want to check out the Wineglass Marathon in Corning, NY, for something that's easy to get to but is still all about the wine at the end :)

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