Picky much?

Well, I said the date jeans resulted in a few real dates, but not necessarily magical, swooning dates...just a guy and a girl hanging out, getting to know each other. Ok, maybe the jeans didn't have everything (or much of anything) to do with the whole landing dates thing, but hey.

Friday's date was good. So here's the deal...we had previously been set up. A story I'm not sure why I never mentioned here, so here goes. This past fall I went home to visit my family one weekend. My mom and I went to watch my high school's football team play (and watch my youngest bro play in the pep band). Dad isn't much of a football fan (or any sport for that matter) so he stayed home. Afterward, my mom suggested we go join her friend, R and husband, W (who is one of the radio announcers for the games) at the local brewery downtown. Well, after a bit in walks the other radio announcer (a cute, 27 yr old guy who happens to live in my city). Unbeknownst to either W's sidekick or myself, this was a freaking set up! We all hung out for an hour or so and parted ways. I really didn't think anything of it.

Well, two MONTHS later mom and I are walking through Safeway to get refreshments prior to seeing some chic flick and she says "Ok, you're going to be really mad at me." Um, what?? "No, I can't tell you. You're going to be mad." No seriously, mom. Just tell me. Whaaaaat?! "Remember that night we went out to drinks after the football game?" Um, yeah. "That was a set up." WHAAT? Ha. Wait, why did you wait this long to tell me?! "I thought you'd be mad at me." I'm more mad that you waited so long to tell me. "Well, he asked for your number and I gave it to him and he might be calling you sometime soon. He was too shy to ask you for your number that night." Ha. OMG, that's hilarious.

So, seven months later, he calls. I don't usually pick up calls from numbers I don't know, but for some reason, this time I did. He asked me out, I said yes.

Now the date. He picked me up. (I hate being picked up, especially at first b/c hell, you've lost your escape route. But then again, I guess that's what I always do in relationshipy situations...escape.) We went to get dinner and drinks at this casual, cool bar and grill downtown. It's nice to be in a place with distractions of flat screen tvs and drunk college kids (or 40 yr old men out on the town looking for college girls to hit on) in case you need a conversation piece.

The thing is, he's nice and cute and can keep a fairly good conversation because of the whole part time radio announcing thing in addition to bank telling. He's a small town guy who is close to his family (ah, sweet...so am I). We stayed chatting for about 2 1/2 hrs until I was tired and ready to head home for a night's rest before the other bro's (not the freshman in hs, trumpet-playing bro) college graduation.

So here's where picky/sassy enters. Things went well. No red flags or total turn offs, but nothing special. He opened doors for me, paid, all the "appropriate" date moves. He seems like a great person and we have a lot in common, but I didn't feel a spark. I know that things can develop with time, but this girl is looking for something special, not just a guy to date. Not to say that I'm looking to marry tomorrow, but just that I'm not going to date someone just because. I think the butterflies and the sparks and the racing heartbeat are all important. And, I want a guy who has big plans, is cool with trying out a new/big city, likes to travel, is adventurous, etc. Ok, I know...picky. Seriously, Sass, do you ever plan to land a man? But you know, I'm not willing to settle.

I'll prob give the guy another chance, but I also think it's really important to not lead someone on. Anyway, here's to not settling for less than you deserve or desire. You shouldn't have to. My personal motto.


Laura said…
So frustrating sometimes. I'm sick of being single, but I totally agree that I'm not going to date some guy just for the sake of dating him. Gotta wait for those sparks!
Rachel said…
I agree with Laura...It's gotta be frustrating, but definitely want to feel the sparks in a relationship especially at first. That's what makes it so much fun!
heatherdc said…
psh, a girl's gotta have her standards! totally allowed to be picky when and where you want to be. Sounds like you had a good night out though, which is always fun!
P.O.M. said…
Stay picky! It's your happiness. Seriously.

But give him one more date and drink more. That sometimes helps the sparks. ha ha.

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