What you should make tonight for dinner

So, I found this recipe last weekend when I was home visiting the fam. My mom has been on Weight Watchers for a while and this was from one of her mags. I've tried it now twice and it's so good (and healthy) I had to share.

Grilled Veggie Panini

-Slice and grill zuchinni (or yellow squash), red (or yellow) bell pepper and yellow sweet onion
-Sandwich veggies between two slices of high fiber bread
-Spread the inside of one piece of bread w/ 1 oz goat cheese and top with fresh basil (this is key) and a bit of balsamic vinegar
-Grill in panini press or grill pan

*I added a slice of turkey for a bit more flavor and protein. Use whatever veggies you like. I used my George Foreman for both grilling the veggies and the sandwich because hey, it works just the same as a panini press in my mind. I used Pam to coat the grill. Oh, and I used rosemary peppercorn goat cheese...so good.

Trust me, this sandwich is freaking awesome.


Rachel said…
Sounds awesome! I'm going to definitely have to give it a shot! Thanks for the suggestion!
Anonymous said…
this sounds soooo good. although, minus the goat cheese for me, not a huge fan. But mmmmm grilled veggies. Yum.
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can you ask your mom about how many points that is. i am on WW too and it sounds delicious!
Sassy Molassy said…
Ok, I just googled it for ya...5 pts.

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