Thank you for hitting the nail on the head.

Why post when I can directly link to JEMI at In My Heels because she has something to say and I think it describes me a little too well. What about you?

Double, triple, quadruple damn for being a procrastinating perfectionist who is too busy avoiding real relationships at all costs that sometimes this girl is just plain exhausted.

No Real Relationships: You are elusive, cool, desirable, untouchable. You don’t do serious relationships. People have problems. You don’t get close to anyone. People can’t be trusted. You don’t go out of your way to help people. It’s every Gal for herself. Your career is your number one. Family is built in, isn’t it?
And then, you are lonely. How can this be?

Now the question is, what does one do with this information?


I agree...Hit the nail on the head! It's so easy to put specific things as number one and be lonely...I think its a fact of life and choices you make. Thanks for the comments and luck on my training.
JEMi | Tips for Life, Love, You said…
Hey :) Thanks for linking to InMyHeels - I really appreciate it!

Now to *try* to answer your question..

breaking walls to start allowing people in is tough but necessary. It takes takes choosing the people around you wisely. You have the information. It's useless to you until you want something different to happen. Your list of priorities, the indentification of things that truly matter to you.. knowing what to sacrifice and what not to..

It can be a heap of messy feelings or it can be a prompt for you to investigate yourself and your needs which include letting someone in..

I'm going to take a stab at the topic sometime very soon - it's something I am working on and I hope it'll be helpful :)

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