El Paso it is...

The Ducks' football season ended a little less eventful than fans had once hoped. With our loss in double OT to the Beavs, leaving us with an 8-4 record we are off to El Paso, TX for the Brut Sun Bowl to play the No. 21 ranked South Florida Bulls. One of the perks of working in my department at the University however, is that I'll be heading to the bowl game on Dec. 29 for the Dec. 31 game. As luck would have it, one of my coworkers and partners-in-crime and I will be diverting our return home by way of...Viva Las Vegas!

As fabulous as El Paso surely is for New Year's Eve, we decided to make a minor detour to celebrate the holiday in the city that knows how to do it right. So here's the plan: cheer on the Ducks Dec. 29-31, fly out immediately after the game on Dec. 31 and land in Vegas around 9 pm, chuck our bags in lockers at the airport, head to the strip for a huge street party and hopefully some beautiful people watching, and finally catch our 8 am flight back to the Northwest. Oh Vegas, I can hardly wait!


OMG that plan for New Year's sounds fabulously INSANE!!!!!

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