Happy Halloween!

It's a perfect day outside. Perfect for say, a night of trick or treating? Now that I'm just a tad too old for that, one's Halloween plans on the night of tend to be a bit more relaxed. I think we might head out to the corn maze and have a few drinks and snacks at Laura's place in hopes of giving out candy to any kiddies daring enough to knock on her apartment door. We'll see what happens.

I recently moved into a new office and I'm loving the view! This was the view from my window last week. I actually have windows now and a door and walls (3/4 walls mind you, but all the same it's a step up from the cubicle that was in the entryway of our office). My old location lent to being a part of every single conversation going on in the office, whether or not I wanted to be. In addition, this meant I was the point person to ask about a myriad of random things (jammed copiers, where so and so is located in our building, football tickets, etc). But now, in addition to having a great view, I'm able to focus on my projects a bit more.


Kayla said…
Wow, you have walls? I'm so jealous! I share a cubicle now, and am a part of so many conversations I'd rather ignore...

Hope you have a fun Halloween!

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