Fall and all of its fabulousness

Not a lot has been going on the past week or so (other than the usual routine of working, running and sleeping). In that time however, a shift has occurred. Fall is here!

I have to admit that usually, the darker, colder days make me cranky and tired. But this year, for whatever reason, they make me genuinely happy. The beginning of Fall means the start to a number of holidays, all of which I LOVE!

Here are the things on my "Fall Must-Do" list:

* Carve pumpkins
* Put together my halloween costume (at least a few days before the actual holiday)
* Run through the haunted corn maze
* Read a few good books
* Try some new recipes
* Revamp my fall wardrobe (because you always need a good excuse for buying more clothes)
* Enjoy numerous Starbucks carmel apple ciders and cinnamon dolce lattes

So, what's on your list?


Kayla said…
Carving a pumpkin is always on my list, but I never quite make it around to doing it. Other than that, I'm just excited about wearing sweaters again, which of course means more shopping...

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