Just make the spinning stop...

This morning reminded me of an early Saturday morning my Sophomore year of college in which I had stayed a few too many hours at a party the night before and woke up to a pounding on my door and my world spinning around me. That morning I was supposed to drive to the State Motor Pool office with my teammate Tara to get our 12 passenger vans for a lacrosse tournament we had in Corvallis, OR. Alas, I had been irresponsible the night before. If you know me, this is something I am not known for as I am constantly agonizing over making the "right" decision in any situation. But for a few years in college, when long nights, friends and beverages were involved, my common sense didn't always kick in. As you might guess, I was unable to pick up one of the vans and made my way to our pickup point outside the rec in time to be called "Alkie" the rest of the day. I know, not a nickname to be proud of. The first few hours of running around on a grass field in cleats and a lacrosse skirt were interesting, but by noon I was good to go.

However, this morning I am happy to say my world was spinning to reasons unknown to me. I haven't had an ounce of alcohol to drink in the last 48 hrs, even though I feel otherwise. As I stepped out of bed I almost fell flat on my face on my heap of dirty laundry and other assorted items on my floor. As I made my way to the kitchen to turn on the dryer I tried with little success to walk a straight line on the linolium tiles. For whatever reason, my inner ear or cochlea has decided not to function properly today and I must say I'm not very pleased. Let's just hope that by tomorrow morning the spinning has ceased.


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